Open Letter To Nigerians In The UK Over Calls To Go And Harass Buhari And Send Him Back To Nigeria


Dear Nigerians in the UK,

There have been calls from some Nigerians urging you to trace where President Buhari is staying in the UK and harass him back to Nigeria, and the most recent one came from Reno Omokri on Thursday morning.

Reno Omokri went as far as revealing where President Buhari is staying in London, even though he did not state where he got his information from, and urged Nigerians in the UK to go there and harass him back to Nigeria, because the President cannot kill EndSARS protesters then go to London to give himself life.

Reno Omokri:

Dear Nigerians in the UK, I urge you to disregard such calls. Do not allow yourselves to be misled to wash our country's dirty linen outside like that.

I am not saying that Mr President is perfect, neither am I in support of all his policies, but that does not mean I am in support of any move to disgrace him publicly. I know that many people are not happy that the President travelled out of the country in the midst of chaos, and many have been asking why the President cannot set up a standard hospital to take care of his medical needs in his own country.

But that does not mean we should go to the extreme of disgracing him like that in the public. No matter what our grievances against the government are, we need to be rational in our thinking. Going to harass Buhari in London will not be a shame to just the President, but to all Nigerians home and abroad.

As the number one citizen in the country, President Buhari is a father figure to every Nigerian. So imagine your father offends you, would you go to the extent of disgracing him in the eyes of the entire world or would you rather choose to handle the matter at home as a family matter? I'm sure you would choose the latter. Just as you cannot disgrace your father in the public, I do not expect us to do same to Buhari in London.

We can go ahead and continue voicing out our dissatisfaction with the system, because it is criticism and opposition that keep a government on its feet, but that does not mean we should break the rules of engagement.

Are you in support of the calls to go to London and harass the President?