"BBI Is A Must Go Kenyans" Eyebrows Raised After A Strong Message Is Said By Raila Odinga's Ally


After the BBI Bill was launched, Raila Odinga has been saying that reggae is unstoppable. He has been popularizing it as much as possible but the High Court delt him a huge blow after they ruled against it.

After the High Court's ruling, Raila Odinga came out publicly to claim that they will appeal the matter and today, New CJ Martha Koome and Judge of the Supreme Court Justice William Ouko were sworn in.

Many people came out to congratulate Martha Koome but one of Raila Odinga's allies known as Babu Owino raised eyebrows as he passed a strong message about BBI.

According to Babu Owino, BBI is a must to Kenyans because it is not what they want but it is what they need.

"Congratulations Lady Justice Koome.BBI is a must to http://Kenyans.It’s not what they want it’s what they NEED." Tweeted Babu Owino.

That is just a message that will pile more pressure on Martha Koome because her first major assignment may be to rule on the BBI Bill.

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