'I paid off all my mum's debts 18 months after helping me fund my start up' - Man

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The sacrifices true mothers take to see their children succeed is always magnificent. We have heard stories of mother borrowing money to make sure their children make it in life and most of these always end well with the child coming back successful.

A man on twitter with the name "@lottsxpo", has come out to motivate people and praised his mom as he revealed how his mom used her credit card to fund his start up, accruing debts in the process. He gave the amount of the money as three thousand pound (£3000).

See his post:

He expressed his happy he was to have been able to pay the money back and also paying of all her debts and even getting her a car after 18 months of the start up,

Th man also posted some video pictures with his mother just to celebrate her, pictures from childhood till this present moment.

The revelation by this man has been praised by many, who were so happy for the mother and congratulated him as well. They affirmed the mother deserved it all and how motivating the post was to them.

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