Hold Agradaa responsible if anything happens to me – Don Little

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Agradaa rebrands from obsession priestess to evangelist

Agradaa charges GHC300 from chapel individuals as enrollment

Wear Little blames Agradaa for hoodwinking under pretense of working a congregation

Small Kumawood entertainer, Wear Nearly nothing, has expressed that he sees the new remark made about him by previous interest priestess, Nana Agradaa now an evangelist, to be a danger.

In response to a video in which Wear Little blamed Agradaa for being occupied with hoodwinking individuals regardless of professing to have atoned from her prior ways, the previous priestess said she wished late Kumawood entertainer, Tutu, lived for Wear Practically nothing to have kicked the bucket all things considered.

Answering Nana Agradaa's desire of death, Wear Little has asked the Ghana Police Administration to consider her capable assuming that anything terrible happens to him.

"Dr Dampare (Reviewer General of Police), I have a solicitation to you, this is the very thing that Mother Pat has shared with me; she says she will discard me at whatever point she meets me. So my life is in her grasp now, assuming anything happens to me consider her mindful," he expressed on Oman Channel's day of atonement program.

In her explosion, Nana Agradaa, otherwise called Patricia Oduro Koranteng, blamed Wear Little for being a thankless rascal who has now turned his back against her in the wake of profiting from her generosity.

In any case, as per Wear Pretty much nothing, he has never gotten any financial advantage from Agradaa and tried her to deliver proof in actuality.

"I've showed up on her program previously, it was through Kwapea and Enormous Akwes who I'm in the very business with that I met her. We as a whole go to her and give her that regard. In any case, when have I at any point gone to her home to eat or ask that Mom Pat give me cash? Never, not so much as 10 pesewas from her. Assuming she says I'm lying let her produce her proof," he expressed.

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