PRAYER: Oh Lord, Grant Me The Grace For This Race

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One may experience a sense of suffocation during the stage or duration of suffering. For instance, my family might be on the verge of disintegration, my company might be on the precipice of bankruptcy, and nothing might be going as planned. It could seem as though there is absolutely no hope, not even a tiny bit in the eye of a needle. The future turns completely black. One can say they are going through a trying time.

You must entirely rely on God and His Word throughout times of sorrow. You will experience greater anguish if you try to handle the issues on your own by scurrying in all directions. Therefore, even if heaven shuts down and the earth is destroyed, you should stand on the unchanging Word. Even if the road ahead may be completely black and you are unable to see, hear, or grasp anything, you must obey the Word.

Today, miracles happen in our lives because the Word is alive. No longer must you be constrained by your senses You are not required to observe your surroundings. You should rely on God's Word and have confidence that is grounded in it. "Every word that proceeds from the mouth of God; man does not live by bread alone" (Matthew 4:4). We experience pain in order to strengthen our faith in God's Word. All the impurities of our disbelief will sink when we endure such anguish.

In the story we read today, Moses suffered greatly while caring for his father-in-animals law's in the wilderness for forty years. Through hardship, he made the decision to put his faith in God and humblely follow his instructions. Last but not least, he developed into a great servant of God and fulfilled the Israelites' hopeless dream of the Exodus.

You must use the Bible as a compass and obey it in order to escape suffering. When you do, your strong faith will be on display. Everyone will be in awe when they realize how our attitudes, behaviors, and environment have transformed. rely on God!

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