What Mixture Of Alligator Pepper And Coconut Water Does To The body

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Nigeria as a country is blessed with numerous number of fruits, seeds, tuber crops grains to be precise agricultural products which we all know that they are totally good for the health both in nourishing, balancing, repairing, fixing, adjusting, cleaning or cleansing the internal and external aspect of the body, today we are going to be discussing briefly on what Mixture of alligator pepper and coconut water does to the body system without taking much of your time let dive into the business of the day, I hope you will enjoy it and also drop little feedback for me to do some research on it.

Firstly get some pieces of alligator pepper depending on the quantity you want, but let use 20 for the sake of understanding, blend the alligator pepper to your taste, that is smooth, rough or semi smooth, get coconut water, (we all know where to get it from) mix it wur the alligator pepper, or you can blend them all together after that you can refrigerate it for 2-3days then take 2-3 full table spoon day by day.

1. Skin Disease

The juice from this mixture helps in treating some certain skin diseases such as small and chicken pox

2. Contains antimicrobial substances

It helps in relieving the body from certain microbial infections such as that of S. aureus

3. Act as pain reliever

The mixture helps in reducing pains such as joint pain, tooth pain, body psin arthritis etc

4. Boosting immune system

The mixture contains several substances such as saponin, phenol, alkaloids, flavonoids, terpenoids, cardiac glycoside, and tannins that helps in boosting the immune system, which helps the white blood cells to fight some certain class of diseases off the body

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