‘Polisi Ni Binadamu' See What This Traffic Police Officer Did That Has Left Many Talking

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Pulse Live Kenya in its twit have posted a video of a traffic police officer helping to push a private vihecle that stalled in the mid of a highway. From the video posted by the Pulse Live Kenya, the lonely officer and two men are seen pushing off the vihecle out of the busy highway which had caused a traffic snarl up.

“Polisi pia ni wanadamu. Watch this police officer helps civilians push a stalled car," Pulse Live Kenya posted on its Twitter handle. However it is clear where the incident occurred. Netizens who commented on the video congratulated the officer for this act urging others, not only police officers to to emulate this act.

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In other news an Administration Police Officer attached to Ngethu Water Treatment plant in Kiambu sets himself ablaze on Monday at his home Muthuini Sub Location in Mwohoko area, Kieni West.

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Police reports in OB, at Endarasha, Kanyagia Police Patrol Base In Nyeri County by the area Chief Lydia Wambui revealed that James Mwangi Nderitu was on a 7-day pass leave from August 2 and was last seen with his brother feeding his cow before he left for his house, setting himself on fire. Police are yet to identify the motive of the suicide as a suicidal letter was found from the scene.

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