"Takoradi Police Where Is The GHC 3000 RM Gave You" - Captain Smart Reveals More Secrets

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Captain Smart have revealed a hidden secret about the kidnapping saga in Takoradi at the moment. He says the Regional Minister gave the Takoradi Police an amount of GHC 3000 to be given to the kidnappers at the time of kidnap so where is it now. Is it something going on that Ghanaians are not aware of.

He said he heard when the RM gave the Takoradi Police the money to be given to the kidnappers, but we never heard whether it was given to them or not. Was the GHC 3000 for a different purpose or was given to them without the public knowing about it.

He said the Takoradi police have to come out and tell us where the GHC 3000 RM gave to them is. Where this kidnapping issue is heading to is very critical and we must be very careful as Ghanaians. According to Captain Smart no one can take Ghanaians for granted so far as he is still alive.

He asked the Takoradi Police to tell Ghanaians where the GHC 3000 the Western Regional Minister gave them is and answers are needed as soon as possible.

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