Lumpy Skin Disease- The Covid'19 of Cattle


Whereas humans are dealing with covid'19, cattle are battling a dangerous disease called lumpy skin disease.

The disease is rapidly gaining recognition internationally, as it tears through several countries. Therefore, it is instructive to let all cattle owners know of this disease.

First discovered in 2012, Lumpy skin disease (LSD) is a disease of cattle and buffalo caused by a capripox virus. It is prevalent in Africa, Middle East, Asia, and Eastern Europe. The disease has an incubation period of 4 up to 14 days.

It damages the skin of the affected animal thereby reducing the market value. Milk production is heavily reduced as well causing farmers to lose a lot of money.

How are cattle Infected?

Lumpy skin disease is primarily spread between animals by biting insects that carry the virus, such as mosquitoes and biting flies. The virus may also be transmitted to suckling calves through infected milk, or from skin lesions.

Symptoms of LSD include fever, lacrimation, nasal discharge, and hypersalivation.


There is currently no cure for lumpy skin disease. The only treatment to opt for is to treat the skin lesions using wound care sprays and the use of antibiotics. It has a relatively low mortality rate which is up to 10%

The disease can however be prevented by quarantine, vaccination, slaughter campaigns, and management techniques.

This disease is not common in Ghana so let's all try and raise awareness to warn our farmers of its existence. We need the battles to be safe to ensure more beef on the market.