Writer, Ozzy Etomi Sparks Debate On Parenting

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Parenting means many things to different people, that is why topics around it tend to be treated as sensitive.

So when Twitter user, Ozzy Etomi dropped her views on parenting as it is peculiar to some Nigerians, expectedly lines were drawn.

In a Twitter post, Etomi opined that some Nigerian parents are completely OK with manipulating their children into harmful and dangerous decisions simply based on how they’ll look to peers. 

According to her, issues like daughters getting thrown back into abusive marriages, queer children violently abused, and covering up sexual abuse are some of the actions Nigerian parents indulge in.

“We talk a lot about parents being ‘heartbroken’ and what not a lot but a lot of parents are able to harm their kids or expose them to harm based on shallow whims; some, all their pastor has to do is call their child a witch and it's a wrap.

Ozzy, who is the sister of popular actress, Adesuwa Etomi, further opined that parenting isn’t some divine calling as parents are just human beings and that particular “pain” they feel when their child doesn’t align with their vision is usually self inflicted and stems from their own fragile egos.

“It's hard for me to have empathy for Nigerian parents, especially when I know they can say anything when trying to manipulate you into their POV. It’s okay to put your foot down and set boundaries. It’s okay for them to be heartbroken by your choices. They had their life, this one is yours,” she added.

Meanwhile, Ozzy’s followers on Twitter are divided as to the veracity of her claims. While some have shared their experiences at the hands of abusive or manipulative parents, others believe that parents are to be cherished despite their shortcomings. 

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