Young Man Hospitalized After Father Cuts Him Mercilessly With A Machete Over Family Business

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Isaac Kwame Tetteh a 33-year old man from Assin Amanbetelate closer to Assin Eyinebirem in the Central Region faces the worst on the hand of his own father over palm wine tapping dispute. He is currently hospitalized at the Saint Francis Hospital in Assin Fosu.

This story was reported on Angel TV and according to them the father to Isaac Tetteh is 63 years old and popularly called "Kampala" where he resides. The man is a palm wine tapper and since he has two strong young men as children decided to engage them both in it as a family business.

Unfortunately this man and Isaac Tetteh argued during work in the farm and as a result angered him to the extent that he had to cuts his own son mercilessly with a machete. Isaac is in stable condition at the moment and was able to talk to the reporter who interviewed him.

Isaac said this is how it happened; "I went to farm with my brother and father after someone offered 100 palm trees to uproot for our family business, that is the palm wine tapping. We started work for a while and then I saw my father coming to me. He told me he did not like the pace with which I was working so if I feel I cannot do it I should tell him so that he brings an outsider in to help"

"I told him its fine he can, the person came to join us and we were working. He came again to tell me to stop the work if that is how I'm going to work. I refused and told him that I have suffered with him already so I'm not going to stop. We argued a bit and we continued"

"We closed from work and we came home. I was in my room when my father called and immediately came out before I could say anything my father threw a machete at me at the back of my neck, I tried to block it with my arm and he had to cut my arm too. I was able to escape in cold blood and here I am now".

Thank God Isaac is in stable condition and receiving treatment according to reports, with the father in police custody.

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