I Told Shatta Wale to Stop Smoking and Insulting People - Shatta Berry tells Andy Dosty of Hits FM


Eight-year old Shatta Berry has said that she once told Shatta Wale to stop smoking and insulting people.

Shatta Wale is known for his 'hardcore' nature and how he resists intimidations of all forms in the Entertainment Industry. Despite the fact that he is a very respectful person, he doesn't take it lightly when one steps on his toes. He can go to the extent of using vulgar words on those that cross his lane. This attitude, though not the best, has won him lots of fans across the country. As we all know, most people like controversial characters.

Musicians are one group of people who have generally been accused of smoking the forbidden herb. There have always been speculations that some take rolls of the substance to enable them perform tirelessly on stage, though in most cases, such allegations are not proven.

Surprisingly, a young up-and-coming artiste known as Shatta Berry has disclosed that she once told Shatta Wale to stop smoking and insulting people. She disclosed that in an interview with Andy Dosty on Hits FM.

For those who might not be aware, Shatta Berry is an 8-year old girl who has aspirations of becoming a musician in the future, and has taken Shatta Wale as her godfather.

When asked how she feels anytime she hears Shatta Wale insulting people, she answered thus: "Anytime I hear him insulting people, I become afraid that people will tag me as such, since he is my godfather".

Apparently, the little girl knows that it is not proper for one to be identified with that behavior. I believe Shatta has taken a cue from the girl's advice. She added that people used to troll her for taking a godfather who likes to insult, but now they have stopped.

What do you have to say about the kid's advice to her godfather? Please share your views.


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