Agradaa Fires Husband For Abandoning Her After Becoming A Christian

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Former Fetish Priestess, Nana Agradaa who repented few months ago and has emerged a new name Evangelist Patricia Oduro has bitterly complained about how her husband has abandoned her after she started life as an Evangelist.

Evangelist Patricia Oduro, formerly known as Nana Agradaa has lived as a great fetish priest all her life though she was married to a Pastor, Minister Eric Oduro Koranteng.

According to the new female evangelist, her marriage was good and everything was right while she was a fetish priestess but everything turned upside down when she turned a new leave to become an evangelist.

She continued that, she could not figure out the exact reason for her husband abandoning her since the day she converted from being a fetish priestess to be an ambassador of Christ.

Nana Agradaa confessed that, she bought the church for her husband without having any intentions of converting to be an evangelist one day. "All my plans was to stay behind and support my husband in God's work but it's quiet unfortunate that she has abandoned me for no reason" - She said.

Envagelist Nana Agradaa charged her husband to come and explain to her and Ghanaians the exact reason for abandoning her few months after she converted.

She concluded by sending a serious warning to her husband that he should continue to follow his spiritual father and never think of coming back in the near future when the church grows bigger.

Many social media users have reacted that, they suspect Nana Agradaa's husband has abandoned her because of her behaviour and several fights with people on social media, radio and television stations.

They concluded that, no pastor would love to have a wife who will always be fighting his fellow pastors and other prominent persons on social media.

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