Matatu operators have protested today claiming the Expressway is not favouring them

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Nairobi matatu operators have held demonstrations protesting the removal of a bus stop at the Westlands round about by the Kenya National Highway Authority.

Police have had a hard time trying to disperse the matatu crew on Waiyaki Way. The protest led to a major traffic snarl-up on Waiyaki way today morning after a section of matatu operators blocked the road.

They are also complaining that the newly constructed Nairobi Express way does not have specific places where matatus can pick and drop passengers; they feel they are being left out in using the Express way.

Travellers were today caught up in early morning traffic that forced some to walk long distances; Police have urged motorists to seek alternative routes as they try to calm the situation.

Matatu crew are claiming that some rules being made are mostly affecting them, the removal of a bus stop at Westlands roundabout angered them. They are demanding the bus stop to be reinstated back or else they will continue with the protest.

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