'Sad' -My wife visited her ex-husband and spends three days with the intention of checking on the child


My name is Amoah and I'm 43 years of age. I'm very fun to be with and that has been my secret of having so many women around. I don't use that as an opportunity to go beyond my circus. I met this beautiful lady who she divorced her husband 7 years ago. She is really a kind woman and still don't believe why she got divorce. Well, nature has its own way of telling stories.

She is a teacher by profession and I met her when we went for an exchange programme in another city. We spent two full weeks and I might say she is one of the best women the earth has ever produced. Cynthia was also very intelligent that her answer to a question threw the people who attended the meeting wondering.

I got to know she was a divorced woman during the exchange programmes. Fast forward, I decided to marry her since she was still single. She gave in and we later married in grand style. After six months, she has been acting weird and that keeps me wondering.

She always go to visit her ex-husband and spend three solid days with the intention of checking on the child. This ex-husband I'm talking about is also preparing to marry a woman in two weeks. This has been going on for the past weeks now and I'm deeply in pains. Anytime I feel like reacting, she always says jealous husband.

Please I need your urgent help, what should I do. Should I stop her or I'm been jealous. Follow me and comment your thoughts, I would be reading through.

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