Top 10 fastest running dogs in the world


In addition to speed, the 10 fastest running dogs in the world also have good endurance. The 10 fastest speed dogs in the world are all hunting dogs, with fast speed and good endurance.

1. Greyhound (maximum speed: 70 km / h). Greyhound is a gentle and intelligent hound. Greyhound dogs possess a toned, solid body and long legs that help them run at speeds up to 72 km / h. Even the world's fastest running dog can reach speeds of 45 km / h in just 3 long steps. As they run, they seem to lift all fours into the air and glide quickly and smoothly.

2. Vizsla Dog (maximum speed: 64 km / h). The Vizsla is also a hunting dog that many people choose to be pets because they are calm, friendly, and loyal. This dog has a slim, agile build.

3. Saluki dog (maximum speed: 64 km / h). The Saluki dog, also known as the Royal Egyptian, the Arab Gray Hound, the Persian greyhound. This dog has a very fast running speed and endurance that makes it possible to hunt antelopes or gazelles. Other animals lurk on rocky mountains or deep sand

4. Jack Russell Terrier (maximum speed: 61 km / h). The Jack Russell Terrier or the Russell Terrier, the Parson Jack Russell is a breed that specializes in burrowing and catching small rodents.

5. Dalmatians (maximum speed: 60 km / h). Dalmatian, also known as Dalmatian, stands out with black spots on a white fur background. Dalmatians are derived from sled dogs and scent hounds, so they run very fast.

6. Borzoi dog (maximum speed: 58 km / h). Borzoi or poodles is an old Russian hunting dog that specializes in hunting wolves, so it is not surprising that they possess superior mobility.

7. Weimaraner dog (maximum speed: 56 km / h). Weimaraner belongs to the group of hunting dogs, with an easy-to-teach, loyal nature. They are native to Germany and are used to hunt deer or wolves

8. Whippet dog (maximum speed: 56 km / h). Whippet is a descendant of greyhound hound and therefore has a very fast running speed. This sports hound possesses a tall body, long body, long legs, strong teeth, arched back, fluffy belly, bulging breasts like a leopard.

9. Dobermann dogs (maximum speed: 48 km / h). The Dobermann or Dobermann Pinscher (according to AKC) is an aggressive German breed. They have muscular and endurance, suitable for military or police service.

10. The Border Collie Dog (maximum speed: 48 km / h). The Border Collie is a herding dog and a hunting dog is often kept on the site by being able to control the herds of cattle. They are very smart, fast.


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