The Education Department has cleared the confusion

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JOHANNESBURG - The Basic Education Department says there is disarray between a pass mark and a pass rate.

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It says there is no such thing as a 30% pass rate.

The office was reacting to a ruckus over the alleged 30% pass mark for matric understudies.

"There is no such thing as a 30% pass rate," said Department of Basic Education representative Elijah Mhlanga.

There are numerous things here that should be clarified and the first is that individuals confound what is known as a pass mark with a pass rate so the pass rate is something different that is the total consequence of students in the country as reported by the pastor to say in this year, the pass pace of 2021 is the accompanying and that is the thing that we are discussing and that is a different issue through and through."'No such thing as 30% pass rate': Basic Education Dept (

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