If An Unknown Number Calls You, This Is How To Find Out The Number.


Technology has indeed come to make living easier and rather simple for us. Gone are the days when a message takes some days before it gets to it's destination. Now, in the comfort of our homes you can send a text or call anyone. In this piece we will be focusing more on calls.

Calls are made everyday, there is probably no one who has not made or received a call. Maybe the call was just a normal friendly call or a business transaction. The important part of calls is that it's much safer. But then some hackers want to dupe people with calls.

In this article we will be discussing a tip on how to find out which number actually called you when the incoming call recognizes it as unknown.

See unknown on an incoming call is very annoying for several people.We all want to know who the caller actually is, before we press the accept button on our phone screen.

However, there is a solution to this as there is a code you can dial on your phone to reveal the unknown number, immediately after the call.

If an unknown caller calls you this time around, don't answer the call don't , allow the call to drop after ringing, then quickly you tap in your phone keypad *#30#, and dial it.A notification pops up displaying to you the incoming caller's identity.



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