5 Signs You Might Be Living Your Life In Mediocrity

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1. Distraction

People living a mediocre life usually use distraction as a way of escapism. This can come in form of either engaging in fantasy or seeking entertainment. Engaging in fantasy means diverting your mind from the unpleasant things that are occurring in your current reality and instead seeking to recast it in a way that is not hindered by the blinders of your life and experiences, It's a way to mentally and emotionally leave a situation to enter the fantasy world. The other form is seeking entertainment, this can be in terms of using alcohol, drugs or sex to keep your mind entertained and preoccupation from the unpleasant or boring aspects of your daily life.

2. Judgment

Have you ever found your self scrolling through someone's social media page that seems to be doing well in life and a wave of anger, jealousy of any negative emotion washes over you. Everyone's success story and timeline is different, some people make it in life faster than others and some of this people may seem successful but they are also fighting battles you may never wish on your worst enemy. Take time to appreciate where you are in life and work towards creating a brighter future for yourself. If you can't control your emotions when you see others doing well, unfollow those people and refocus your attention on things that your passionate about and things that will grow you.

3. Hating

Are you someone who secretly enjoys when things are going wrong and people are failing, this is a form of living a mediocre life. You might not even notice it, but the bitterness your holding is also affecting you negatively. Majority of the time, you will find your mind preoccupied with who is doing better than you, you might even lose sleep over it. Life will be passing you by disturbed by others living their life and they won't be paying attention to you. In most cases, even if you hold on to the hate, you won't be able to change their success story. Remember, your only in charge of yourself. Loving yourself means taking care of your mental health and taking steps to achieve a better, balanced, peaceful life.

4. Victim

You love playing the victim in the story of your life. With every negative thing or setback that happens, you always find someone to blame instead of owning up to the mistake or trying to finding a way to get a solution. Sometimes you might be surprised by just reaching out for help you might solve a lot of the reoccurring negative experiences. Take charge of your situation and start mapping out solution.

5.Avoiding Truth

Do you tend to avoid the truth of who you are. You might be able to pretend to rest of the world, but when you sit down alone with your thoughts, most of the times you know the things about yourself that you need to work on, the things you need to quit, the things you need to let go and the things you need to face head on. If you feel that your not equipped to handle your situation, you can always seek an extra hand to help and guide you towards achieving a more authentic version of yourself.

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