Meet The Family Of Paul Biya, The African President Who Has Been In Power For 39yrs


One Of the longest serving President in Africa is Paul Biya, a Cameroonian President who has being in Power since 1982, when he took over from Ahamdou Ahidjo who resigned from his Office unexpectedly. Paul Biya was formerly a Prime Minister who took over the mantle of leadership from his Boss and since his reign as a Prime Minister, he remains the President of Cameroon till date. The President hasn't conceded any election held in Cameroon and he keeps finding his way back to the Presidential sit every time election is held in the Country. Many people have assumed that he is forcing himself on the people and making his Governance become dictatorial. It's been 39 years since he started ruling and he might extend his governance when his tenor for the 7th Consecutive term finishes in 2025.

Apart from his achievements as a President, Biya have a beautiful Family, he was married Jeanne-irene Biya, who died in 1992 but now married to Chantal Biya. Paul Biya has three Children, a Beautiful girl and two handsome Sons. His first Child is Franck Biya( a Child he had with another woman he didn't get married to), Paul(jnr) and Brenda Biya, are the Children he had with Chantal and they are all grown chasing their careers at different stages. Below are some information about the President's Family.

Chantal Biya: Chantel Biya is the current First of Cameroon, she got married to Paul Biya in 1994, two years after the President lost his first wife. Chantal is a mother of two, and she's a pretty woman who loves Fashion so well. She's popularly known for her hairstyle and her signature style is called Banane. She's a lover of expensive Brands like, Lois Vuitton, Dior and Chanel. Immediately after her marriage to Paul, Chantal established a Foundation Chantal Biya for Philanthropy. She hosted the inaugural first Ladies summit at Younde in year 2006.

Chantal is a backbone for her Husband and she keeps supporting every of his intention to rerun for the Presidential sit.

Franck Biya: Emmanuel Frank Biya is the first and Oldest child of Paul Biya. He was given birth to on August 21, 1971. He studied at University of Southern California where he obtained obtained double degree in Political Science and Economics. Franck is an Entrepreneur and a Business Man. In 2011, he attended political meetings with his Father which raised rumors and attention back then that, he could be the successor of the 85 year old President. Biya was approached in 2018 to be a Presidential Candidate but the plan didn't go as expected. As of this year, there are multiple reports about a promotion aimed at making him a potential replacement for his Father.

Franck is married with four Children. Reports have it, that he isn't the legitimate child of Jeanne- Irene-Biya who died in 1992, but he was adopted by the first lady because Paul Biya gave birth to him with another Woman he is not married to.

Brenda Biya: Brenda is the only daughter of Paul Biya, She was given birth to in 1998 and studied at Les Coccinelles complex, College Du Leman and she was late admitted to the National School of Administration and Magistracy with her Brother. Brenda is an Entrepreneur who owns an online shopping Store where she sells wigs for Ladies.

She's a Fan of Music and she once invited Nigerian popstar, Wizkid to perform at the Palace for a Private show. Brenda is the only Daughter and last child of Chantal and Paul Biya.

Paul Biya(Jr): Paul Biya junior is a lowly personality. Only few is known about him. Unlike his siblings he hardly get into social discuss. He is the first son of Chantal and the second child of Paul Biya. He went to the same school with his Sister Brenda and he's got a career that keeps him going till date.