Raila Odinga And Dp Ruto Among Other Politicians Warned By Chebukati On Their Campaign Strategies

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Politicians are always known to be attracted to huge crowds since crowds will give them numbers they require in elections days. They have always timed themselves in attending Church and funeral services so that they are probably given a chance to sell their ideas.

It is a big blow to them as the August election's referee Wafula Chebukati has released a stern warning to be followed by all aspirants failure to which they may find it hard.

According to a report by Taifa Leo newspaper, Chebukati has warned politicians of conducting their campaigns at the Churches and funerals citing that they will face the law will they fall in this trap. He also warned them of spreading hate speech narratives that can cause chaos.

"IEBC yapiga marufiku Siasa makanisani na mazishi mbali na kuonya dhidi ya uchochezi," part of the report read.

This is now a huge blow to Raila Odinga and Dp William Ruto for they always conducts their campaigns at churches and funeral services as they attracts crowds.


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