Big Blow For MPs As High Court Orders Them To Return 2.9 Billion To The Government's Treasury.

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The high court has asked the Parliamentarians to return the house allowances that have been enjoying for the last one year. The court further says it was unconstitutional for the senators and MPs to take those money since the SRC (Salary and Remmuniration Commission) had filed the case before against it. It's reported that the money has accrued up to 2.9 billions and each MP or senator is supposed to pay 7 millions shillings to the government treasury.

The new directive from the court is expected to elicit a lot of confrontation between the Parliamentarians and the SRC. From the beginning, the parliamentarians claimed that the SRC was scheming to deny them their rights yet they are state officers as cabinet secretaries and judges.

The case had been presented before the court by Okiya Omtata and SRC commission, and the judges who made a judicial Verdict over the same are Justice Korir, justice Nyamweya and Justice Mativo. However, the parliamentary Service commission has denied that claim and defended the MPs for having the house allowances.

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