Prayer Point Against Gossip, Slander, Rumor and Evil Tongue

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ISAIAH 54:17

1.    In the name of Jesus Christ, I bind, rebuke and bring to nothingness every witchcraft tongue speaking against me.

2.    I decree   and declare that no weapon fashioned against your people shall prosper; And every tongue that that shall rise up against me I condemn , according to Isaiah 54:17

3.    Holy Spirit, expose the lies, disguises, deceptions, sneakiness,

ugliness and violence of the evil ones.

4.    By the blood of Jesus I extinguish the fires of rumors, lies and gossip against me in  Jesus name

I decree that every lying tongue shall be exposed and disgraced in Jesus Name

5.    Expose their evil  manipulation and deceit, let them not succeeded in their evil ways. In name of Jesus.

6.    I bind and close their lying tongues according to Psalm 31:18

7.    Let their lying lips be silenced, let them  focus on their own lives,In Jesus Name

8.    Let them be put to shame  according to 1 Peter 3:16

9.    Bring disgrace upon  their evil plot against me  and dismantle every problem brought into my life by lying spirits in the name of Jesus.

10.Let every evil collective unity organized against me be broken , in the name of Jesus.

11. I quench every strange fire emanating from evil tongues against me, in the name of .... I stand against every evil  of covenant of retrogression in Jesus NAME

12. Let every tongue fashioned against my progress  and prosperity be frustrated, in the name of Jesus.

13.Every evil tongue against is put to shame

14 Every word spoken against me  by the powers witchcraft be disgraced forever,In Jesus Name.

15. Every witchcraft tongues working against me, I bring the judgment of God against you, and I silence you forever In Jesus Name.

         According to Psalm 31:18, 1 Peter 3:16, Isaiah 54:17

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