Bella and Fatimah of date rush get rejected again


Date rush is a reality show where people comes to find love.

They are 10 ladies choosing a guy they want by either turning their rushes on or off. If their rush is on,then it means they are interested in the guy and off means they are not interested or they guys are not good enough.

Bella and Fatimah are known for always rejecting guys who comes on the show, this season 3 has been full of drama because those two are not ready to accept any guy but it seems the tables turned.

Last week was such a bad Sunday for bella, She wanted the guy but the guy turned her rush off. She wept uncontrollably. It was such a sad moment.

This week too, it seems things didn't go as expected for them again.

The fine gentleman walked in and all the ladies wanted him.

By the end of the third video, he had about 6 rushes on which was really a good end because he knew he would be going home with a date.

He was then asked to off the rushes of the ladies he didn't want and lo and behold, he turned bella rush off first.

Bella was very displeased and gave him his flowers back.

Although she didn't cry today but the look on her face showed she was sad.

He now turned Fatimah's rush off which she was not very pleased with.

Finally, they know how it feels to be rejected.