'Wachana na Bangi Bro' MC Jesse Told After He Posted This Video


MC Jesse is a renowned Kenyan comedian who has been doing standup comedy in the famous Churchill show for quite a long time.

The comedian has been hosting the show together with Ndambuki and they have kept Kenyans entertained.

On Monday, 28th June, MC Jesse posted a video online on which he was talking to a cat.

The funny bit in the video is that the comedian was asking the pet where she had been all through the weekend.

'Where have you been over the weekend? You have even come back with a pregnancy! You will go back to where you came from. Who is responsible for the pregnancy?' The MC is heard speaking to his pet.

You can view the video on the link below.


Now, there has been the safari rally competition in Naivasha since Thursday, 24th June, and the tournament lasted the whole weekend.

The tournament saw a large movement of people to Naivasha, most of whom went partying on top of enjoying the car race.

In connection to the tournament, most followers responded to MC Jesse by telling him that his cat had gone to Vasha (Naivasha)

One of them who responded was Nasra Yusuf, a fellow Churchill show comedian who said that all cats were at Naivasha.

However, a Particular follower of Jesse Told him to reduce Bang consumption. (Tigana na Bangi Bro'). This is a statement meant to mean that Jesse is full of funny jokes.

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