How to manage your money.


Managing your finance is one of the crucial skills one can ever have. It can be beneficial at organisation or personal level. Since personal finance fluctuate from time to time, one should always know how to spend cash during shortage and normal periods. Here is how you can mange your money.

During scarcity when you have less money always priotize your needs such food or clothing etc, do not prioritize your wants or luxuries when you have less money with you.

Do not always use all of the money you have until your balance is zero. Plan yourself well before draining your account to zero,do not always allow your pocket or account to be zero no matter the circumstances.

Always ensure you spend money wisely and with a purpose , always give or use money to something you know is very important, for instance, if someone asks you money for the party and another one for hospital bill which one will you project your money into?since they aren't all basic needs one will go extra mile to go for hospital bill rather than money for party. So always consider the importance of what you want to spend money on before you dispose your cash.

You can also invest or start a business as this will ensure constant cash circulation and you will always be having some cash. But remember to manage your business well and invest in something that will bring better return for this method to work when managing your finance.

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