Sudden Death: Bad News Hit Ashanti Region: Adom News Revealed Sad Details As Man Was Burnt To Death


File Photo (Residents mourning)

Bad News Hit Ashanti Region after Adom News revealed sad details of how a man was burnt to death. However, the man who was identified as James Amoah, alias Kwabedu, went to the farm with some other persons when the unfortunate incident took place that claimed his life. Mr James Amoah who was said to be just 60 years of age, was horribly and painfully burnt to death.

The unfortunate death of the man happened at Mampamhwe in the Obuasi East District. According to the other persons they went to the farm together, they made it known that he was asked to only quench fire that passes the farm boundary.

But it was very heartbreaking that after they were done with burning of the weed, they did not hear from him so they had to look at for him. And it was so sad that he has already passed on due to the burnt he suffered. His leg part were said to have gotten burnt and he was unable to survive the burnt, but gave up the ghost before any first aid treatment.

However, his family has firstly deposited his body in a nearby mortuary before reporting his case to the community police. And there has been wailing and mourning among the man wife and children, because the news came as a big and heartbreaking shock to them.

Let’s be mindful of fire.

May his soul Rest In Peace.

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