Manaka Ranaka's daughter posted a video of her daughter dancing.look at what fans noticed instead


Mnaka Ranaka is the all time favorite actress and there is no doubt about that.She has been in the acting industry for more than 20 years now and she still going strong.

A lot of people know her as Lucy Diale from generations the legacy while others know her as Lerata from the sitcom that used to play on SABC 2 called Stokvel.She has also acted on Lockdown and she was very good in her role.

Manaka Ranaka has three children and two of them are very talented daughters called Katlego and Lesedi and the last born is a son whom she gave birth to last year december.

Katlego who is the first born has a son called Mpho and she is an actress just like her mother Manaka.The second born daughter is a great singer and a dancer as well and she really loves uploading her tick tock videos.

On the recent video she was dancing and her mother said that it was the ring light that almost fell while she was dancing and how she caught it and still went back to dance like nothing happened.