Massive Reactions As Ghana's Economy Led By Nana Addo In 2022 Is Being Rated At "B-" By Fitch

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A US based credit rating agency by name Fitch has rated the performance of the president of Ghana and his economy as "B-" in 2022. Fitch bases the ratings on factors such as what kind of debt a company holds and how sensitive it is to systemic changes like interest rates.

As of last year 2021, the economy was rated at "B+" by the same agency. This year, 2022 has just began but the agency seems to be not pleased with the performance of the president. The agency has therefore placed him and the economy at "B-" in 2022.

There have been some reactions on social media with regards to this story and below are some comments.

Some are of the view that indeed foreigners are even seeing the hardship level in the country. Others also are of the view that, this government which is being led by the president has done his best but his best is not enough.

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