Hot Images: Angry Family Members of Josephine Release Images of Her Baby Bump.

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In this world, I have heard a lot of things and I have watched a lot of drama movies, none of the things I have witnessed and watched is as dramatic as the story of the kidnapped pregnant woman Josephine Panyin who was released yesterday after 4 days of kidnap. Apparently, she was selected for a sacrifice which the gods refused because she was a twin. Thus escaped untimely death.

After her release, the whole nation was in shock and the medical officers were busy trying to help the young lady to recover from the trauma she has experienced. She was reported to be pregnant the time she was kidnapped. Shortly afterwards, the regional minister for the Western Region, Kwabena Otchere Darko, revealed that the 28-year-old Josephine was never pregnant.

In fact, the news took many Ghanaians by surprise. Is this one of the soap operas the ladies watch on our traditional television channels? Why would the family of Josephine lie to the entire world? What would the motive be? Indeed, the husband of Josephine, Edward Amoako Simmons and the rest of the family got exasperated by the comment of the regional minister. Besides, the lady wasn’t living on an island. According to the family, almost everyone living in Efiakuma, New Takoradi, and the Market Circle areas know that Josephine is pregnant for some months now and the bump keeps growing.

Although the husband struggled to release the name of the doctor in charge of her wife’s anti-natal care, he encouraged the NBI, regional minister and the Axim Hospital to make their verification from the Takoradi hospital to ascertain the truth that his wife was pregnant. Additionally, the administrator of the Takoradi Hospital- Rev. Osei Boateng has confirmed that the lady has been visiting the hospital since September 2020. However, he wouldn’t reveal the cause for her frequent visits unless he has received an order from the regional health Office to do so.

In any way, if there are certain forensic results that have proven his wife not pregnant, the minister should have consulted the family first before addressing the media. What informed the rush in announcing the matter before the entire nation? Besides, if indeed Josephine was not pregnant as the regional minister would want us to believe, why haven’t any member in their area- Efiakuma reveal the truth long ago?

The family released these images to the public to see that their member was heavily pregnant. 

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