Revealed; What Police Did For The First 10 Minutes After Arriving At Enzui River After The Accident

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In different countries, many people have lost their loved ones through accidents. Many children are orphans after their parents died after being involved in terrible accident. Futhermore, many families are still searching for their loved ones after another terrible accident occurred in Mwingi.

According to the source, new details have just emerged about what police officers did after arriving at Enzui river few minutes after the accident. According to NTV, it has been reported that, the police officers rushed to the place early enough but due to the speed of water in the river, they did not help the victims. I quote some statement from the source, " people of Mwingi say the police arrived at the tragic scene 10 minutes later but were unable to do anying," some statement read. This comes in after more than 30 people have been confirmed dead after the accident.

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