It Ended In Tears For Mpumi And Precious In #MinaNaweHouse

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All jokes aside though, I may have recovered from this one mistake punch but no relationship ever does once it becomes physical. Treat your partners with kindness and let’s heal from our past traumas before we decide to share ourselves with othersLove should bring happiness.

Haven’t been exposed to other shows enough to comment fairly, but with #MinaNaweHouse the intention is to teach them how to identify patterns of abuse and also give them courage to leave. Hence we got experienced people to assist.

How is it that MojaLoveTv shows have people openly admitting to sexually and physically abusing people and no one says anything

Precious is such a toxic partner. She seriously needs to work on herself. Poor Mpumi . Precious can even kill Mpum with uer anger. Precious must heal inside first yena, whatever is eating her inside, iyamgqiba shame.

Mpumi & Precious are not ready to have gay relationship, i think it's best for both of them to go back to being straight!! As for the vhenda guy ai I too am scared to fight him

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