3 Things A Man Should Have Before Approaching A Woman

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As a man, before you begin to chase women in your quest for true love, make sure you have these three things/qualities to avoid rejection or any form of embarrassment.

1. Money Or A Steady Source Of Income

Some relationship coaches would tell you that money is not needed for a relationship to work, but if we're being real with ourselves, you'll agree with me that this is just a lie.

Before you can take her out on romantic dates or spoil her with gifts, you will actually need money before you can pull these off.

So, before approaching a lady, make sure you have money or a steady source of income which you can use to take care of her.

2. Have A House Or A Place To Stay

Before you approach a woman, make sure you have your own personal place where you live for privacy reasons.

You wouldn't want a situation whereby she would come pay you a visit while you're still living in your parent's house. 

Apart from the fact that she wouldn't feel comfortable, it just doesn't make sense.

3. Have Confidence

If you don't have confidence in yourself, you'll need to work on that before approaching any lady.

This is very important because most of the time, men who don't have confident usually end up making a fun of themselves in front of girls.

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