Covid-19| Deaths Are Rising Badly But There is Something To Be Happy about

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Date: 23/01/22



South Africa as a whole has been in a very relaxed state when it comes to the pandemic. Ever since December, the country has been under level one of the lockdown and since January, the curfew has been scrapped altogether. The reason for this is because scientists all over the world and the world Health organisation found out that the current strain or variant of the coronavirus was not so bad. This information is,however, being questioned now as South Africa is seeing a very different reaction.


Over the last few days South Africa have been recording a very bad increase in the number of deaths due to the virus. This never used to happen in December because everything was slow. Even at a time where the country was recording a very high number of infections the deaths were still at a minimum.

Below is a picture of the country at its peak:

With about 100 deaths a day, this is a very alarming number. Even though the rise in the number of fatalities due to the coronavirus is bad, it can be noted that there is some good in all of this. The number of infections have gone down dramatically from a peak of about 31000 new infections a day in December to just 1000 cases yesterday.


South Africa needs to be a bit more vigilant as to how the behave from now on. The rising fatalities due to the coronavirus is very worrisome because it could mean the virus has evolved into something else. All of this will eventually make sense as soon as the department of Health reveals information about why the number of fatalities are increasing as of late.

What is your take on the matter hand? Why do you think deaths are rising like this?

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