Good news for Ghanaian teachers


The Ghana National Association of Teachers(GNAT), The National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT) and Coalition of Concerned Teachers (CCT), along with The Government of Ghana, are set to appropriate workstations which have been marked TM1 to all instructors of the different educators' associations to upgrade educating and learning of the regular center curriculum.It was spread the word about that the intention in the dispersion of the PCs was to help educators get to know Information and Technology (IT) in the educating and learning measure, since the recently presented educational plan is a greater amount of PC situated. 

Once more, the PCs will help instructors complete exploration work and accumulate more data on subjects that they are not acquainted with.

The TM1 PC has these details: 

Processor : Celeron 4020 

Inside Memory : 500GB 

Slam: 4GB 

Battery limit : 10000mAH 

Designs : UHD 600 

Body: Plastic

The workstations have the accompanying previously introduced on: 

An example of exercise notes, plan of learning, educational program from KG to SHS, Labor act, set of accepted rules, Ghana's Constitution, course readings, just to specify a couple. 

The Ghana Education Service (GES) has gotten 200 and eighty thousands(280,000) PCs to be given to all educators having a place with the different instructors' associations the nation over. 

The territorial and locale training workplaces will work with the appropriation of the workstations. The public authority of Ghana will part the expense of the workstations with the instructors in the proportion 70:30 individually. That is, the public authority will pay 7o% of the expense of the thing while the excess 30% will be payed by every teacher