Female passenger recounts how a preacher threatened to seize her phone in a bus because she wasn't listening


Frankly speaking, we now live in an era where respect is gradually declining, many youths today believe you have to earn their respect as an elder before they can obliged you. Although, it need to be said that the way some elderly ones crave for the respect can be somehow annoying and misappropriate, and I say this based on personal experiences and encounter.

But in all, Respecting our elders is non-negotiable and is not something I will advocate for at any point in time.

A beautiful young lady took to twitter to share an encounter she had with a preacher in a public transport, which has triggered and generated lots of reactions from youths on the app to share similar embarrassing experiences.

The lady with Twitter handle @Bubee said that, the preacher was an elderly woman, who was preaching in the bus, but because she was busy pressing her phone, the woman threatened to drag the phone with her.

See the screenshot of her tweet below

Hence, the tweet has generated alot of underwhelming reactions, as many youths use the opportunity to share similar experiences with Preachers and elderly people alike.

Checkout some screenshots of their reactions below. What do you think about the post? Do you think the young lady is being unnecessarily rude.

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