My parents suspected but kept quiet - A man reveals how he found out he was not a biological father

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If a child was in our family or not, our parents could tell right away. Now we rely more on technology to figure out who the child was or wasn't. People also think that a child's behaviour or health problems can show what's wrong with his or her roots, not just those two things.

The only person who knows for sure who the father is when everyone else isn't sure is the mother. As a way to save their relationships, some of them may be in denial. But there are some things in life that we can't avoid.

Twitter user Obza says he understands how hard it is to raise a child who thinks he is the biological father, even though he isn't. He says that he has been there. How would it feel to own up to what you did and treat the mother's family with all the respect they deserve, only for the truth to be against you?

Obza says that when the woman was pregnant, he did all the things that a father-to-be should. He went to her house and paid for the damage. She should use his last name, and they agreed. At the start of the day, Obza made sure that his child was born at a private hospital and that they had enough money to cover their expenses. At the end of the day, he found out that the child wasn't his.

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