Who is a Friend? The Characteristics of Loyal Friendship and Its Roles in our lives.


We’re living in a brainwashed society where huge loads of individuals are hateful and unconscious of their actions.

Your gradual progression literally irritates so many people around you. Be mindful of who you keep in your circle or call a friend.

Friends are not meant to be hateful, They are rather the backbones that keep you going when you suddenly lost Direction. Learn how to differentiate between the two. Often evaluate and understand the types of people you keep in your circle.

There are friends who brighten your life right from the moment they become a part of you, while there are friends who darken and make life miserable for you from the moment you meet them, before they leave. Be aware that such friends in actuality have little impact on your life. Make sure to solely stay in contact with individuals whose presence are impactful, brightening up your life and positively beneficial.

When there is a void, a friend is someone who fills it. In both your presence and absence, a friend is someone who loves and protects you.

When the winds of change blow, a friend should be there to console you, not someone who is secretly undermining or badmouthing you. Those that have stuck with you through the tough times and fight with you through your trials and tribulations deserve to be called friends and enjoy a steady ride on your ship.

An individual whose primary motive is to strengthen their relationship with you; his or her sincere interest is demonstrated by loyalty,  compassion, always optimistic even when there is a reason to be pessimistic, and assisting you in learning from your mistakes, rather than judging or badmouthing, also deserves a steady ride on your ship.

Individuals who continually drag you down with their issues and grievances are not people you should hang out with for an extended period of time. Maintain interaction with people who are optimistic in attitude and others who are constantly on the lookout for new ways to find solutions to issues and grievances.

When a friend is going through a tough time, we need to be ready and able to lend a helping hand and listen. A friend in need, on the other hand, is not the same as a chronic complainer. If you want your friendships to remain positive and uplifting, you must surround yourself with positive and uplifting people.

In our deceitful society, The term hypocrisy is now used to describe individuals who claim to be someone they are not, and such people are only interested in the benefits that comes after you. Loyal friendship is not built on the basis of deceit.

Considering Having a friend whom you can build on with common interests, also plays a vital role in your life. 

If you and a friend are both interested in improving your health and wellbeing, exercise together. If you and your partner enjoy reading novels, Reach out to the bookstore get yourselves a copy or two, and discuss interesting points.

The overall logic here is to allow your common interests draw you and your companion together. There is usually something that attracts us to others, that’s why it is always advisable to stay in touch with people who have likewise vision as you.

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