Drama as Residents Scramble for bhang after the motorbike ferrying it was involved in an accident

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Cases of accidents are on the rise in the country. Some caused by reckless driving, others due to bribes and others due to vehicles mechanical problems.

A motorcycle ferrying bhang was involved in an accident and spilled the illegal cargo in Isiolo town.

According to eyewitnesses, the rider of the motorcycle was speeding when he encountered a very sharp bend and lost control that saw the motorbike roll several times and injured two elderly women on the roadside.

Residents of Isiolo town rushed to the scene of the accident after a loud crash occurred only to find the motorcycle loaded with bhang.

A section of residents made away with bhang that was still intact.

Motorcycles remain a popular means of transport and an income earner but are fast gaining notoriety as a fatal attraction.

Motorists have been advised to always be careful to avoid some of the accidents witnessed on our roads on a daily basis.


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