How To Keep A Relationship Going When You Feel Its Slipping Away


Its obvious that many people in the world are unaware on what to do if you find your relationship shows signs of slipping away.

Your partnership will go through hills at times but knowing how to keep a relationship going will keep it on the track.

Here's how you can do

1. Talk to each other.

2. Figure out the issue.

3. Plan date nights.

4. Enjoy each others' company without distractions.

5. Try to surprise your partner.

6. Make sure they know how much you appreciate them.

7. Spice up your s3x life.

8. Treat it like a new relationship.

9. Admit that you are personally somewhat responsible.

10. Learn something new together i.e cooking classes.

11. Be present in their lives.

12. Get someone else's opinion.

13. Be silly together.

14. Remember only you care about them.

15. Make the relationship your priority.

By following this way I am 100% sure your relationship will be the same as the times of first love.