Dean Sharply Differs with the VC on Offering Fancy Degree Courses

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Prof. Alfred Amenya has today sharply differed with his VC over the introduction of new courses with Fancy names into his school. Professor Amenya is an acting professor at the University of Nairobi and the Dean at the Technical University of Kenya.

He said fancy names corrupt the quality of education and give a false impression of a given course, through his Tweeter handle he said;

"STRANGE PROFESSIONAL DEGREE NAMES! As the founding Dean of the School of the Built Environment, I disagreed with the VC + refused to give strange names to various Built Environment degrees my school offered. I stuck with global norms. Strange degree names disadvantages students.

In architecture we know we only offer three types of degrees globally. After 3 - 4 years of study one gets (BSc Architecture or Bachelor of Architectural Studies). After an additional 2 years of studies one gets Bachelor of Architecture or M.Arch (Professional).

There is an appalling proliferation of names for engineering degrees in Kenya, eg Bachelor of Technology in Engineering; Bachelor of Engineering Science (is there engineering art?); Bachelor of Engineering in Structure and Construction. BUYER BEWARE!

I refused to start a programme on Bachelor of Infrastructure Planning. I also refused to start a Bachelor's degree in Tropical Architecture/Environmental design. I told the VC that this is akin to becoming a Pediatric Cardiologist without being a medical Doctor/GP first.

While innovation is important, new universities should start from the known to the unknown. If they start from the unknown, I am telling them for free, nobody will give a damn about their products! This puts their students to huge disadvantage. That is the way the world runs."

Many students have been left jobless after graduation since they do not find any belonging in the job market after graduation. One netizen by the name Constant said, "The problem that is facing those who studied 'Environmental Planning' as they are 'shunned' or 'locked out' by those who studied 'Planning. I know another University that started a 'Bsc Informatics' as a fancy way of naming their 'Computer Science' course... long story short... they have since changed the name of the course to 'Informatics and Computer Science.'🤔'"

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