Makhandzi does not deserve what happened to her on Saturday

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South African music star Makhadzi received difficult welcome in the performance on Saturday night.

Sowetan LIVE reported about the incident of Makhadzi the award winning Venda woman, who work hard to put his name on top of the list but recently her life was in danger when she got attacked by two masked suspect on her performance on Saturday.

Makhadzi believes that she was targeted but she does not know who is really behind the robbery that took place on Saturday, she was robbed and shot at by the two suspects after a performance.

Again it is believed that it might be an coincident that the criminals robbed a vanue where Makhadzi was booked to perform, the shooting took place outside and she was robbed her belongings on that night it is not clear if she was the only one that was robbed but more information will be given as she will open up after she had healed from the frightening experience she gone through.

She does not deserve what went down on Saturday, she works hard to put food on her table does not go around hurting people but the good news is that she was not harmed and she will continue giving South Africa good music.

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