Sema Milele: Why Gilad Milo ain't leaving Kenya anytime soon.

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When most expatriates visit Kenya, all they see is a dull place they would love to get out of as quickly as they can. But this was not the case for musician Gilad Milo, who os the former deputy ambassador at the Israeli embassy in Kenya. Becoming the best male popstar in Kenya was not foreseen for him. He made his musical debut with the song Unajua, featuring Wendy Kimani. The Jerusalem born crooner heads business development and PR for Balton Group by day.

Gilad is one of the few expatriates who found a niche in Kenya, terming it as unique. He says that the people of Kenya are what keeps him here, describing them as generous, welcoming and loving. He vows that as long as Kenya will have him, he'll be happy to stay.

Most of the proceeds from his music go to charity as donations. He ventured in music for his soul, not for the money. He is married to an Israeli lady Hadas, and they are blessed with two children. Gilad is also a farmer, majoring in garlic farming.

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