A Man Get Electrocuted And Burned To Death By Climbing A Power Line Supply

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Residents of Nakuru County are shocked after an unknown individual committed suicide by climbing a national 4-line power line and was electrocuted and burned to death.

According to sources, the deceased, who is said to have been sad, gradually climbed the national 4-line power grid until he was burned alive.

The residents attempted to stop him, but it was too late because the deceased had already committed the unimaginable and they were unable to save his life.

Many people are left with more questions than answers as a result of the occurrence, with some asking what could have prompted the deceased to commit such a horrific deed.

The residents alerted the police officers, who arrived on the scene quickly and recovered the body, which was completely burned.

The body was brought to the morgue of a nearby hospital. Instead of committing suicide, the police urged the people to seek treatment if they are having difficulties.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/1933992096851171/posts/3104301003153602/?app=fbl

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