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1 day before yesterday a dangerous thing was found, an entire batch of Liqui Fruit red grape juice has been recalled after some few consumers has found “small broken pieces of glass” in their 330ml cans.The investigation is on about the main cause of this problem but luckily no one has been hurt so far

Liqui fruit red grape 330ml have been removed from the market in order to prevent further damages that might happend to customers. Most of the stock is still in the warehouse it has not been taken to the shops which is a good thing. Please share this to save someone's life

Acting consumer commissioner Thezi said that she request consumers who has bought the product to stop using it before any damage could happen and take it back to the retailer where it was purchased, and must be given full refund with no doubt. This was reported by South African health worker

the batch details are as follows

Pioneer Foods product code: 27327

Outer case bar code: 6001240225615

Shrink pack bar code: 6001240225608

Single Unit bar code: 6001240225592 — printed on side of can

With this specific date coding: BB 01.04.2021 C Time and BB 02.04.2021 C Time

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