Opinion: Why Drinking Too Much Coke Gradually Harms Your Vision


Coke is a brand loved by many all over the world. Many people would love to enjoy coke after meals or while in recreational areas. However there is something not known to many about constant drinking of coke. Here is what coke does to your vision.

Coke preservative is very harmful to your vision. If you consistently drink coke then you risk your vision getting hazy. A hazy vision is when you cannot see well and you have the feeling of a smoggy vision. What coke does to your vitreous humour is it makes the fluid highly viscous hence blocking of rays light from entering your eye. This makes the vision to appear blurry.

This condition is irreversible and if you reduce the frequency of drinking coke then the condition may subside. It is advisable to drink not more than 3 litres ofcoke a week. This will protect your vision.

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