Huddah gets All Cosy with Jux in a New Music Video

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It's been a while since Huddah played a video vixen but Jux released a music video a day ago and guess whom he featured. None other than the boss lady herself, Huddah Monroe.

The song is called 'Simuachi' and it's performing really well in Youtube. For those who don't know Jux, he is a Tanzania artist and song writer.

In the music video Jux and Huddah look like two lovebirds. Huddah gets all cosy with the Tanzania's Artist, Jux.

Huddah has shared a picture on her Instagram page that may be heartbreaking the several men having a crush on her. The picture shows the socialite kissing Jux.

She captioned the picture "Have you ever seen me kiss anyone? Lool!" There you you" The curvy lady gave us a rare glimpse of herself kissing someone who happens to be Jux. As we all know Huddah is a socialite, and it's early to reach a conclusion that there is something between the two. It could just be another way of promoting the music video.

This comes few days after she made public her admiration for Kenya's sprinter whom we all know is married. She even asked for a date. But to her disappointment Omanyala turned down the date. However the relentless Huddah said that Omanyala turned her down because she is yet to 'taste' her.

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