Duale Sends Message To Uhuru And Cs Macheru Regarding Rigging Claims

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Former Majority Leader Aden Duale has challenged Uhuru Kenyatta and his Chief of Staff Joe Mucheru to use the system to steal Ruto's votes, warning that they will pay a high price. Duale has stated unequivocally that Ruto's votes cannot be stolen, and that this will be confirmed at the August 9th elections. 

Duale told a crowd in Kwale County that they were ready for anything after CS Joe Mucheru threatened to use the system to ensure Raila Odinga won the presidency. Mucheru has been chastised for his rigging claims, and he has been warned that he will face a massive court battle when the time comes.

Duale is certain that William Ruto is not Raila Odinga, and that illegitimate votes will tear this country apart. He is clear that the deputy President, William Ruto, has support not only from Kenyans but also from government employees in the military, and that counting his votes could be disastrous. 

Duale wants Uhuru Kenyatta to understand that he is only the commander-in-chief in name and that he will know what happens in August if something bad happens with Ruto's votes. He is certain that he can swear before Allah that he will not cast a vote for William Ruto.



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