Covid-19 Update : Data Reveals A Worrying Trend Of New Cases In Ghana


As Ghana Continues to battle the outbreak of COVID-19, latest figures points to a worrying trend of new cases over the past 7 days.

Per the data available to this page, the number of new cases in the Country has witnessed an increase for the past seven days.

This trend is in sharp contrast to what was witnessed some few Months ago as there was a decline in the number of new cases recorded in the Country on daily basis.

Health experts have attributed the increase in the number of new cases in the Country to the emergence of the new Delta variant which was recorded in some parts of the Country.

The data below shows how Ghana is gradually increasing the number of new cases,

Per the figures above, Ghana currently has a total of 1,982 active cases according to the latest update on the website of the Ghana Health Service.

In terms of vaccination, Ghana has so far vaccinated 852,047 of its population which is far below the target of people that the Country want to vaccinate.

The supply of Vaccines to Countries like Ghana was affected due to the decision by India, which supplies majority of the Vaccines to other Countries to halt the supply after being hit with a third wave of the disease.