Despite Having No Arms And Hands, See What This 23-Year-Old Lady Does With Her Toes

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Our God is a miracle worker, and there is nothing he can't accomplish. God made us in his image and bestows on us a variety of marvelous abilities. This 23-year-old lovely lady was born without hands or arms, but she manages to accomplish incredible feats with just her foot and toes. Take a look at what Kashmiere Culbertson can accomplish with her toes.

Who Is Kashmiere and What Does She Do?

Kashmiere Culbertson, a black American woman, was born on August 12th, 1998. Bilateral Phocomelia is a disorder that this lovely lady was born with. A person with bilateral phocomelia is born without arms on both sides. The bones of the affected limb are either absent or underdeveloped in persons with this disorder. As a result, the limb is severely shortened, and in extreme cases, the hand or foot may be connected to the trunk directly.

Kashmiere was born without arms, yet it did not prevent her from succeeding in life. She's a graduate, a YouTuber, and a strategist who can do a variety of incredible things with her feet, like driving, applying make-up, shooting, writing, plating hair, cooking, and more. Photos of Kashmiere performing various things with her foot and toes can be found here.

Kashmiere is a makeup artist, a YouTuber, and a social media influencer. She has a YouTube channel where she exhibits her talent and performs amazing things to motivate those who are upset or feel cheated for various reasons. Kashimiere is not just a YouTuber, but also a vision of beauty who slays like any other female. Take a look at some of her gorgeous images to see how she is having fun and living her best life.

It's really disappointing that some people are flawlessly created but refuse to thank God. Kashmiere Culbertson was born without arms, yet despite her handicaps, she is grateful to God. She thanked God during her graduation ceremony in 2020 for making things in her life that seemed unattainable possible. Her Thanksgiving post can be seen here.

It's so disheartening that some people are perfectly created, but they are not grateful to God. Kashmiere Culbertson was born without arms but she is so grateful to God despite her deformities. During her graduation ceremony in 2020, she thanked God for making things that seem impossible to be possible in her life. Read her Thanksgiving post.

The story of Keshmiere is a good example of how our God is a God of impossibility. It also provides as encouragement for persons who are embarrassed of themselves because of their deformities or their current circumstances. You can do it, too, if Kashmiere can accomplish so many things and succeed without the use of her arms. To be successful in life, you must put in a lot of effort and perseverance.

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